Nature & Wildlife

Nature & Wildlife

Home to three distinctly different ecosystems, Olympic National Park protects over 920,000 acres of land, 1,100 species of native plants, 300 species of birds and 70 species of mammals. Please remember never feed, touch or approach wildlife. 

Marine Mammals

The coast of Olympic National Park is home to many marine mammals including sea otters, sea lions, and gray whales. Gray Whales can be seen March-May during migration. 

Olympic Marmot

Olympic Marmots can only be found on the Olympic Peninsula and are a large rodent weighing 15 pounds or more. Marmots are playful creatures that can be seen at elevations of 4000 feet and higher. 

Black Bear

The black bears of the Olympic Peninsula enjoy feeding on the fresh salmon and berries in the area. Remember to practice proper food storage when visiting the area. 

Salmon & Other Fish

Five species of salmon can be found migrating the rivers of the Olympic and provide a valuable source of protein for bears, birds and other wildlife. The five species include Sockeye, Chinook, Chum, Coho and Pink salmon. Learn more about fishing in the area. 


Grouse, eagles and falcons are just a few of the birds you may spot in Olympic. Birders love visiting the peninsula to spot a variety of birds. Find out more about birding in Olympic here

In partnership with the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, you can now get the inside scoop on which birds you might see during your next visit!

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